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Behtr Pakistan’s raison d’etre is to create awareness about tax collection in Pakistan, identify effective solutions to enhance tax collection and make the country progress while becoming self-reliant economically up to a point where we don’t have to rely on foreign aid and financial bailouts any  longer.


We want to highlight the economic impact of tax evasion and sensitize decision makers and public at large about the rampant violations in tax payments and the need to put a stop on these activities forthwith.

What We Do?

Cognizance at the highest level

The starting point of the campaign has been the issue highlighted by Honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan about tax evasion and illicit trade in tobacco sector. The Honorable Prime Minister pointed out that illegal trade is 40 percent of the market and tax theft is rampant by illicit manufacturers.

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Social Campaigns for common good need participation of the civil society. Please tell us how would you like to volunteer towards Behtr Pakistan Campaign against Tax Evaders? 

Those interested to volunteer must be 25 years of age or older. Filling out the form does not automatically ensure confirmation of volunteer enrolment with Behtr Pakistan.