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Walkathon held on the 6th of june, 2021 in Islamabad.

The Humqadm Walkathon aimed to raise awareness about illegal tobacco sales and its impact on Pakistan. The Walkathon was held from Bus Chowk to Express Chowk and participants were made aware of how illicit cigarette manufacturers evade taxes and duties which cost our national exchequer a loss of Rs.70+ BLN each year. The participants urged the government to take strong action against those involved in evading taxes. 

Behtr Pakistan Seminar

to be held in August.

A seminar on the issue of Illicit Trade and Tax Evasion on Tobacco Industry featuring experts. Stay tuned for details

CGSS Conference on "Illicit Tobbaco Trade: Need for Implementation of Law & Regulatory Regimes"

20th May, Islamabad

This roundtable discussion being held in Islamabad will include relevant experts and notable speakers from across the country and from diverse sectors such as business, finance, trade, economy, law enforcement agencies, law experts, academia and consultants. The purpose of this conference will be to highlight the causes and impacts of illegal tobacco trade, discuss discrepancies in data collection by different sources and highlight flaws of existing illegal trade control laws and regimes.